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Information portal, including an introduction, property inductions, check-in, How to Rent Guide. Also emergency safety advice – gas leaks, water leaks and power cuts.


Welcome to your new accommodation,  provided and managed by Able Homes.

At Able Homes we strive to maintain a friendly and professional relationship with all our clients. We are committed to offering you the best accommodation and ensuring that your time with us is both safe and comfortable.

We are also committed to making sure that you enjoy the property free from any harassment. We have an effective reporting system in place in the unlikely event that you need to make a complaint.

In the first instance please call us on the number below and a member of the team will be happy to guide you through the process.

Property Manager

Property Inductions

When you first move into your new accommodation you will be met by a member of our Property Team. They will give you give you a full tour of the property, this is to make sure that you are happy with everything and to show you all the basic utility features, such as:

  • how the hot water and heating works
  • where and when to empty rubbish.

You will also be given a tour of your property’s safety features including the location of the:

  • water stop-cock
  • gas mains
  • electrical fuse box.

During this time the induction will also familiarise you with the building’s fire safety procedures.

You will also receive details for our out-of-hours emergency service & details of what to do in case of an emergency.

Check in

You will receive the following documentation when you check in;

  • How to Rent Guide
  • EPC (Energy Performance Cert)
  • Gas Safety Certificate (when applicable)
  • Electrical Certificate
  • Inventory

You must keep this documentation safe.

You will review an Inventory during your Check In, this must be signed and once updated you will receive a copy via email.

Tenant Shop

Able Homes have teamed up with Tenant Shop to streamline your registration process with:

  • the local council
  • water supplier
  • energy supplier

Tenant Shop will notify all the necessary organisations that you have moved into the property and will provide your contact information, moving in date and meter readings where applicable.

During Check In you will be required to sign a data protection form to allow this to take place.

Visit Tenant Shop https://www.tenantshop.co.uk



 (ifGas leak

Smell gas?

  • Call the Gas Emergency Services on 0800 111 999

Turn off your gas

  • If you think you have a gas leak, you need to turn off your gas supply at the meter.
  • Find your emergency control valve. In newer houses, the emergency control valve is normally outside with the gas meter – in a meter box. If it’s not there, try looking under the stairs, beneath the kitchen sink or in the garage.
  • Turn the handle so the lever is at 90 degrees to the upright gas pipe.

Next steps

  • Open all your doors and windows to let gas out and some fresh air in.
  • Don’t switch anything electrical on or off.
  • Put out all naked flames. Don’t smoke, strike matches or do anything which could make the gas ignite.
  • If you have any electrical security entry phones or locks, don’t use them. Open your doors manually.
  • Call us to advise, we are also gas engineers and will attend to resolve the issue

Reporting a Water Leak

When reporting a leak to a member of  the Property Team at Able Homes, please ensure you have the relevant information to hand:

The volume of water can be explained by the following measures:

  • teaspoon
  • Tablespoon
  • Cup
  • Bucket
  • Bath or more

Is the leak persistent or has it stopped?

How long has the leak been happening for?

State the damage to the property caused by leak

State how this is effecting your water usage – for example

  • loss of pressure
  • no hot water

Power Cut

If you suffer a power cut, check the following:

  • There is credit on the pre-payment meter (if applicable)
  • Check the trip switches on the electrical fuse box are all in the on position.

Should a trip switch fail again, then unplug the last electrical item plugged in, e.g., kettle or hair dryer as its likely to have an electrical fault.

Then re-check the trip switches are in the on position.

If all the above are working, and you still have no power then

Call our Repair team, we are NICEIC registered and trained electricians and will be able to resolve any issue for you

Repairs & Maintenance

Contact:01778 560915


Repairs Performance

Accommodation providers are responsible for carrying out repairs and maintenance to properties and for operating a repairs reporting service for their tenants.

Repairs are to be classed into three categories as follows:

Priority A (emergency repairs):

  • Emergency repairs must be made safe within 24 hours or no later than the next working day.
  • Procedures must be in place by the provider to meet emergency repairs that may occur outside normal working hours, on weekends or public holidays.
  • If an emergency arises outside normal working hours, it is the responsibility of the provider to ensure that appropriate repairs are carried out in line with health and safety standards.

Priority B (urgent repairs), which must be completed within 5 working days

Priority C (general repairs), which must be completed within 28 working days.

The following three lists outline the Priority A, B and C repair functions. Repair obligations, which are not mentioned here, but are considered the responsibility of the landlord/provider, will also need to be completed within a period of time which the Council will determine to be reasonable.

Please Note:
Appointments to carry out repairs should all be made through the provider even when the responsibility for the work lies with the owner/landlord.

On no occasion should responsibility to make arrangements be passed on by the provider to the owner/landlord or tenant.

Priority A Emergency: Maximum time for completion is 24 hours

  • Drinking water
  • Heating (between 1st November –30th April)
  • Electrics unsafe
  • Flooding
  • Blocked drains and sanitation
  • No lights or power
  • No lighting to communal areas (complete failure)
  • Dangerous electrical faults (exposed wires, overheating of switches or sockets, flickering lights)
  • Burst pipes, defective tanks or serious leaks causing flooding
  • Blocked drains or blocked toilets
  • Gas leaks (normally reported to British Gas)
  • Dangerous structures – floors, ceilings, walls etc.
  • Removal of racist or sexist graffiti, or graffiti of an offensive nature. Provision of temporary heating to vulnerable households, such as people with young children and people over the age of 65.
  • Replacement of missing or badly damaged manhole covers
  • Replacement of broken toilet pan

Priority B: Maximum time for completion 5 working days

  • Blocked waste pipes (other than toilets: see above)
  • No cold water supply to bath and basin
  • Restoring heating and/or hot water (temporary heaters shall be supplied by the provider where necessary)
  • Temporary repairs to cover defective flat at or pitched roofs where there is serious water penetration
  • Mending minor leaks on water pipes
  • Repairing leaking cone/soil joints to toilets
  • Repairing leaks to soil pipes/soil vent pipes generally
  • Repairing or renewing ball valves (overflows, water hammer)
  • Repairing defective extractor fan (internal bathroom/kitchen only)
  • Replacing broken wash hand basin
  • Repairing defective entry-phone system
  • Restoring flush to toilets
  • Broken fridge/freezer
  • Leak/damage patch
  • Infestations
  • Broken glazing

Priority C: Maximum time for completion 28 working days

  • Re-securing wash basin
  • Repairing blocked and/or damaged rain-water gutters and pipes
  • Replacing glazing to communal areas
  • Replacing chimney pot or cowl
  • Replacing fittings to windows and /or external doors
  • Mending faulty taps
  • Replacing zinc or lead flashings
  • Replacing ridge/eves tiles and cement filets
  • Replacing or repairing internal fire doors
  • Replacing defective fire bricks or parts for open fires
  • Repairing and/or replacing fittings for metal casement windows and doors
  • Replacing window sash fastener/sash cord
  • Replacing rotten or defective flooring
  • Replacing toilet cistern
  • Replacing waste trap or fitting
  • Repairing faulty stop valve or drain down cock
  • Replacing bath
  • Replacing kitchen units (including sink units/taps)
  • Replacing external doors
  • Replacing window/frames
  • Dry lining condensation treatment
  • Repairing or replacing wall tiling/splash backs
  • Replacing loose or defective flooring (not dangerous)
  • Fixing or replacing air bricks
  • Repairing or renewing tile surrounds
  • General brickwork repairs (rebuilding piers, boundary walls)
  • Repairing or replacing stone, concrete, tile or wooden window sills
  • Repairing timber staircases (not dangerous)
  • Replacing or repairing external fascia/soffit/barge boards
  • Repairing or replacing fencing/gates
  • Redecoration following repair works
  • Replacing gully grid
  • Plaster repairing gully grid
  • Plaster repairs to ceilings or walls
  • External rendering
  • Repairing internal floor screeds
  • Repairing external floor screeds
  • Repairing external paving/concrete aprons


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