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We specialise in offering a range of flexible services for our investors to take advantage of.

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Why invest in us?

At Able Homes we specialise in selling investment opportunities. However, there are many other services that form part of the deal.

Investment opportunities

Our range of flexible services are available for our investors to take advantage of. Many of our investors prefer to be completely hands off, we will then take care of each step of the process. From sourcing and refurbishing the property to tenanting and managing the property are all areas where we have pre-negotiated discounted rates exclusively for our investors. At Able Homes we also manage property directly as we have our own portfolio too.

Some of our investors choose to take care of these areas themselves if they prefer a more hands on approach to property investment. The most important aspect is that all of our investors are able to take advantage of our ability to acquire properties and then turn a profit, whether immediate or over the long term.

Investments With Able Homes

Specialising in property investment opportunities

When sourcing a property

High income, low risk

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We have experience in negotiating discounted deals. This method provides both large and small investors with access to property deals that simply cannot be found elsewhere. As a result, all of our properties are high income producing investments that are low risk.

We work closely with our investors in selecting the right property deals that are tailored to meet their investment requirements and help to achieve long term financial objectives.

Due Diligence

Providing safe & secure investments

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We have a very clear and detailed due diligence process that we carry out on every new property deal.

Many of our investors have invested significant sums of money into our deals and it is they who are witness to our emphasis on carrying out detailed due diligence. This in turn means that our investors continue to be provided with safe and secure investments that yield continued profit over both the short and long term.


Discounted fees exclusively for investors

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Our panel of Solicitors play a key role in the acquisition of our property deals because they are experienced in carrying out multiple transactions at a time. This allows us to be able to pre-negotiate discounted fees exclusively for our investors. This also helps to avoid unnecessary costs and delays that often occur on regular property transactions.

However, some of our investors do choose to use their own solicitor if they already have a long-standing relationship with them.


Access to the best buy to let mortgages

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Not every property acquisition is made with cash. Using a mortgage to purchase investment property plays a huge role in the strategy of most of our investors. This means that the capital sum they are investing into property can often be spread over several properties.

We have relationships with several ‘all of market’ mortgage brokers who will work closely with you to understand your position and help give you access to the best buy to let mortgages in the market.

Often the best mortgages can be found with banks that are not typically found on the high street. Our mortgage brokers will work with you to ensure that your portfolio is supported by the best mortgages that will help you to achieve your financial objectives.

Personal Service

Taking care of every step of the process

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We understand that every investor is different. Some of our investors are very new to the buy to let market and require a more hand-held personal service where we help them take care of every step of the process all the way through to completion.

Other more experienced investors prefer that we keep them updated on upcoming property deals so they can commit to the purchase at the earliest opportunity.

Either way, we pride ourselves on being well educated and experienced in order to provide our investors with a personal service that suits their requirements and helps them achieve their investment ambitions.

Portfolio Builder

Building a well-balanced property portfolio

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Many investors are looking to build a well-balanced property portfolio that provides a combination of short-term income and long-term security with low risk and strong returns.

Using our experience, we can help you devise a detailed strategy that will be monitored over a set period to ensure performance targets are achieved. This entails understanding the amount of capital you are looking to invest and then carefully selecting different properties that work well together within a well-balanced portfolio.

Eliminate the risk of rent arrears, evictions and damage, with predictable and consistent income from Able Homes


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